1. Can you introduce yourself and www.mainzempire.com.sg?

2. How was www.mainzempire.com.sg born? How did you start?

Three friends started a business on a whim with $3,000, and raised it into a healthy, sustainable enterprise. It began by throwing around a bunch of ideas. “We were saying, “What can we do in Singapore? Everything is almost taken up!” So the only thing is to hit the market with something new.” A friend introduced to us a supplier of mobile phones and accessories, so we created a free and simple e-commerce website on Yahoo Sitebuilder and launched our business selling iPhone battery packs and other gadgets in 2010.

3. What makes www.mainzempire.com.sg different? Can you explain your products with details?

Though in the mobile phones industry like many others in Singapore, we took a slightly different route from the mainstream of mobile phone dealers. We do not operate a retail shop with walk in customers but instead we try to portray our company more of a mobile phone boutique instead of a typical mobile phone shop whereby we operate from an office and have a slightly different concept and target audience. We focus mainly on the online and corporate sector. Back when we started, we worked very closely with suppliers to be able to offer customized mobile related products at any QTY and any variety assorted as long they are in the same category. We were also the creators of the first ever Mobile Hamper and was featured on TV News and online articles. We always try to work towards offering something different in this highly competitve industry. Along the years we also tendered for government projects and won quite a few of them. We ensured that what we offered was something both the mobile phone shops and gift shops werent able to do so due to our close relations and support we have rappored over the years with our suppliers.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

Corporate customers love the concept of our proposals as they get to choose from a variety of options and yet not being tied down by high MOQs. Our online and retail customers too are very satisfied with our services and honesty because we always believe in going the extra mile for our customers. You can see from our feedback on our wesbite its Perfect all 5 Stars feedback reviews. Perhaps you could have a better understanding reading the feedbacks from our customers to know better on how we always will go the extra mile for them when we can .

5. What are the advantages of www.mainzempire.com.sg?

At Mainz Empire, our priority is always our customers and we will do our best to fufill their needs instead of them just choosing what we have to offer, we instead willl always take the initiative to seek their needs and wants and try our very best to ensure they leave our office as more than satisfied customers. Therefore we can be sure if customers are willing to give us the opportunity to serve, we ensure they never made the wrong choice by doing so.

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