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Stop Losing Sales to Just Browsing

Baymard Institute found that 42.5% of shoppers abandon carts because they’re “just browsing”.

Growth Suite turns these shoppers into buyers by offering time-limited exclusive offers when they're most interested.

Premium Mobile Experience

Forget clunky pop-ups and generic banners that disrupt your mobile shoppers. Growth Suite delivers AI-powered offers through elegant, native-like elements that seamlessly integrate with your store's design – creating a smooth, high-end experience that converts.

Elevated Brand Aesthetic
Growth Suite's mobile-first design ensures that your personalized offers enhance your brand, not detract from it.
Frictionless Mobile Shopping
No more jarring interruptions or frustrating pop-ups – just smooth, intuitive interactions that keep shoppers engaged.
Maximized Mobile Conversions
Turn mobile browsers into buyers with personalized urgency, delivered in a way that feels natural and compelling.

Wall of Love

Join Happy Shopify Entepreneurs

“I used the "old" Growth Suite for about 1 year... when it was paused, sales were also taking a break. Just upgraded to the new version, and it is as cool as can be. Muhammed did all the work, I just need to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Cannot praise him enough for his zeal to make this the best app ever, making us as sellers look good. The BESTIES DISCOUNT loyalty program idea is fun, just installed it today, that will make a great email to send out to all my fans. HIGHLY recommended, if I could I'd give it 10 stars.”


“I have been using this app on my store since 20th March. So far I LOVE it. Before using this app, I use popups to give discount codes. I try it for a week and saw how the timer affects my conversion rate. Now I'm using this app in my other stores. Easy to use and it increases your conversion rates.”

Gelin Diamond

“Very easy and simple to add your brand colours and the widget is both simple yet attracting. So far I love it! GrowthSuite are very proffesional and genuin!”

The Bitcoin Wardrobe

“This is a great app to increase conversions. Our conversion rate grew by 1.5% over the past month of using the app. The team is also very responsive and passionate, they reply and fix things super quickly, and are constantly adding new features! Highly recommended to grow online store conversions.”

Baikal Tea

“I've been usins this app for quite some time now and I have to say, it's generating sales. So I'm very pleased with the app and the customer service. It's easy to install and in a few clicks it's up and running.”


“Not only a "killer" feature to add to your store (I would say, by default!), But also an app that doesn't give you headaches by installing code in different template files (in fact it doesn't install code!), Allowing you to everything stays clean and fast. The increase in sales is guaranteed! In short, the price of this app could have an extra '0' on each of its plans and still be attractive!”


“Works well and the support is great. Turns browsers into buyers by offering a discount that wasn't already there.”

Stable Landing

“We are happy with Growth Suite Timer Discount app. We have seen many quick conversions and generally creates an excitement when purchasing. Recommend this app.”

Healthcart Limited

“The app was very easy to install. I needed it to interface to Mailchimp and the support to make that happen was fast and effective. Only been installed for a week but I am already seeing results.”

Peach Perfect

Super Simple.

No Code, No Theme Change.

Just install Growth Suite, upload your picture, tweak your texts, and voila! The digital revolution of your store has begun. No hoops, no hurdles.

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Are "I'll Buy It Later" Shoppers Costing You Sales? 🤔

Average Monthly Traffic

Average Order Value

$1715 - $5000 Missed Sales Per Month

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our team directly.

How can I install it?
Super simple. Install our application from Shopify app store and that's it. Customize copies and make adjustments on screen easily.
Do I need to change my store or theme?
NOPE! No need to change any code or theme. Just install our app and that's it.
Can I test it for free?
Sure! We have 14 days free trial. You'll see how it works on your store from the first day.
What about page speed?
Nope, it doesn't effect your page speed. This is our magic.
Can I customize it?
Sure, each text, colors, discounts can be change easily on our panel. Book a demo to see details.
Can I cancel it?
Yeap, with just one-click. No questions asked. You can directly cancel it on your dashboard.
Can I connect Klaviyo, Mailchimp or other 3rd party email tools?
Yeap, we have Klaviyo and Mailchimp integration. You can connect it just one-click. All emails will be send automatically to your email marketing tool.

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