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Growth Suite Research

Popups Sucks

Before crafting Growth Suite we run a detailed research to find out what makes a difference in ecommerce revenue. We analyse 7 different sectos with 30+ websites and more than 20 million web visitors behaviour. Our finding shocked us.

  • 78% of visitors leave websites without seeing any campaign.
  • 91% of visitors close pop-us as soon as it appears.
  • 64% of visitors does not notice any bar on the top or bottom of webpages.
  • 53% of visitors still have questions about shipping and return policy even they purchased before.
  • 67% of visitors didn’t use coupon codes that showed before.

This is a serious issue and needs to be solved.

Smart Sales Assistant Solves Your Onsite Marketing Issues

Growth Suite offers you an unique solution to fix your onsite marketing issues in four simple steps.

  • 1. Connect your Shopify store. Growth Suite will analyse your product data and create product recommendations for your visitors.
  • 2. Prepare your campaigns and show them to users.
  • 3. Prepare questions and answers for your visitors.
  • 4. Add a custom contact-us form and keep in touch with your visitors.

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