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Growth Suite makes super easy to create urgency on your store. You can offer the best discount codes for each visitor at the best time with a timer easily.

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Growth Suite creates urgency on your customers with time-limited discount codes. Here are a few features our users love about us.

Increase Your Conversions


Gives best discount code for each visitor. Low intended visitors saw highest discount code and as you guess, high intended visitors lowest discount code.


Growth Suite discounts appears with 15 minutes timer. Timer will appear on each pages of your website. After 15 minutes, discount widget disappear.


Last but not least the same visitor can't see the discount widget again in the next 30 days. This is how Growth Suite creates urgency on your visitors.

Email list building stats for ecommerce

Collect more emails

Use Growth Suite's emotional triggers to collect emails.

Make real-time offer when your customers most interested in your products.

Not when they are leaving!

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Creating urgency for ecommerce websites

Trigger Your Customers to Buy Now

Without being scammy!

Make time-limited discount offers just right when your customers most interested in your products with Growth Suite.

Timer will appear on all pages of your store, countdowns each second and after 15 minutes timer disappear.

Also the same visitor can't see the timer and discount again until the next 30 days.

Growth Suite helps you to create urgency and protect your brand at the same time.

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Solution to High Traffic, Low Sales

Solved: High Traffic, Low Sales

Most of the website traffic leaves the store without buying anything.

All of your digital marketing budget and time are just gone.

If you're not using emotional triggers, it is normal.

Growth Suite helps you to trigger your customers to buy now instead of leaving.

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Time Limited Discounts

Simple User Experience For You and Your Customers.

Works with all e-commerce application.

Growth Suite designed to work with all popular e-commerce platforms. Using a custom solution? No problem. You can install it with one-line of code.


30 Days Full Refund Gurantee. Cancel Anytime.


$9 /month

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Time Limited Offers
  • Mobile Friendly Discount Widgets
  • 10,000 Pageviews per Month
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Most popular

$29 /month

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Time Limited Offers
  • Mobile Friendly Discount Widgets
  • 100,000 Pageviews per Month
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$49 /month

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Time Limited Offers
  • Mobile Friendly Discount Widgets
  • 200,000 Pageviews per Month
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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our founder directly.

How can I use it?
It is super easy. Just install the app, choose your colors, messages and discount amounts. That's it. You don't need to add or change any code on your store. Average time to complete setup is under 3 minutes.
I don't use Google Analytics. Can I use it?
Sure. Growth Suite has it's own data-learning algorithms. Just use Google Analytics data to learn faster. If you don't use Google Analytics, you can skip the Analytics Integration with just one click.
I have issues with Page Speed. I don't want to install anything on my store.
Page speed is crucial for digital marketing and we know it very well. Because of this from the first day we follow all the best practices. Growth Suite doesn't affect your page speed at all.
Can I cancel it?
Anytime. With just one click. Growth Suite offer 100% customer satisfaction. Follows all the best practices for your happiness.
I will think about it.
Sure. Just don't forget that based on the daily 1000 sessions, you're missing 3-5 sales each day without Growth Suite. It takes 3 minutes to complete all setup, and you'll test it.
Baikal Tea

“This is a great app to increase conversions. Our conversion rate grew by 1.5% over the past month of using the app. The team is also very responsive and passionate, they reply and fix things super quickly, and are constantly adding new features! Highly recommended...”

CEO, Baikal Tea

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