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Ultimate Email List Building Guide

Are you ready to discover the best ways to build an email list?

Email list building stats for ecommerce

Email marketing becomes more important for ecommerce businesses each day.

Based on the DMA report in 2019, you can expect a $42 return for each $1 spent.

Because of this 4 out of 5 marketers said they'd rather give up social media than email marketing. (Litmus, 2020)

These stats are flashy. However, email is not magic. Building your email list is.

You get traffic thanks to the Ads, SEO, and other digital marketing efforts/budgets. So your email marketing ROI relies on your email list building strategies.

Your Brand, Your Store and Customer Experience

You don't need to be Apple, Nike or Coco-Cola to be a brand.

Even if you get one order on a day, still you have a brand and you need to care about it.

Don't burn your money with cool banners for the branding. However focus on your customers' experiece.

Mistakes in email list building

Let's say you saw a store in your neighborhood. A new boutique.

When you go to the store, the owner yells to you "10% OFF if you subscribe" before saying hello.

You even don't know products, price, etc. So you tell the owner you don't interested offer.

You tried a few products, and thought maybe come back later this week. You're leaving the store.

And the owner yelling at you again. "Don't go! 20% OFF for you!"

After a few days you just stopped by the same boutique.

The owner yelling you excatly same things again.

Now, ask yourself. Would you buy anything from a store like this?

This is what most ecommerce brands are doing today.

Email List Building in 2022

Popups are dead.

Long time ago.

However, popup companies didn't die.

Just because most of the store owner and digital marketers use their own store with their computers.

More than 80% of your customers visit your store with their mobile phones.

And they hate popups. G2 Research proved it.

There are more advanced and humane ways to get emails from your customers.

Choose your ecommerce platform to see new email capturing strategies.