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Sell more and faster. Protect your brand.


Growth Suite focus on your profit. Creating urgency is a proven strategy. However, if you misuse it, it can cut your profits, lower your sales and conversions.

Thanks to our behavioral analytics and user experience principles, you'll get more sales with the possible lowest discounts.


Learn how your discount strategy perform with Growth Suite analytics report.

It is easy to understand and you can reach us anytime you want to make it better.

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According to the G2 study, 82.2% of people HATE popups. That's it.

There are no "buts". We all hate popups.

Growth Suite offers discount codes with well-designed sticky page elements on your store.

Also, the same visitor can't see it again in the next 30 days. It builds trust for your price, promotion while not making them bored with popups.


Growth Suite brings smart interaction to your store.

It will help you to reduce bounce rates and increase time spent on your store.