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Craft Irresistible Offers that Convert

Tired of generic discounts that cheapen your brand and do little to boost sales? Tired of generic discounts that cheapen your brand and do little to boost sales?

Offers That Appear at the Perfect Moment

Most Shopify stores rely on generic discounting strategies that miss the mark:

- The "Welcome" Discount: Bombarding every new visitor with a discount the moment they land on your site can feel impersonal and cheapen your brand.

- The "Exit-Intent" Pop-up: Trying to catch shoppers as they're leaving often backfires, especially on mobile, creating a frustrating experience.

- The "Wait X Seconds" Offer: Delaying an offer for an arbitrary amount of time doesn't take into account individual shopper behavior.

Growth Suite is different. 🧠 Our AI goes beyond generic timing and identifies the perfect moment to present an offer based on each visitor's intent.

We analyze browsing patterns to pinpoint when a shopper is truly engaged with your products and wants to buy. Then, and only then, do we present a personalized, time-limited discount.

This intelligent timing helps you create a premium brand experience that maximizes conversions. Shoppers will feel like they're getting an exclusive deal, not just another discount, and they'll be more likely to buy when they're most interested.

Growth Offers Appear at the Perfect Moments on Shopify
Growth Offers Personalizes Discounts and Timers based on visitors buying intention on Shopify

AI Driven Personalized Discounts & Timers

Growth Suite doesn't just predict buying intent, it acts on it.

We empower you to tailor offers based on each shopper's individual behavior, maximizing conversions and profits. Here's how it works:

- Set Your Offer Parameters: You define the maximum and minimum discount percentages, as well as the maximum and minimum offer durations.

- AI Analyzes & Scores: Our AI engine analyzes each visitor's browsing patterns and assigns a Buying Intention Score (1-99).

- Tailored Offers, Automatically: Shoppers showing behavior similar to past buyers (high score) receive smaller discounts for shorter durations. Visitors who resemble previous abandoners (low score) get larger discounts for a limited time, an extra nudge to convert.

The result? You maximize profits by avoiding unnecessary discounts for your dedicated buyers. At the same time, you recover those almost-lost sales by nudging hesitant shoppers with personalized urgency.

Growth Suite empowers you to turn "just browsing" into "just bought" with the intelligence of AI – all while maintaining a premium brand experience.

Exclusive Discounts: A Premium Touch for Maximum Impact

Generic discount codes make your brand look cheap. Savvy shoppers know they can find a "WELCOME10" code anywhere.

Growth Suite takes a different approach. We empower you to create a premium experience with exclusive discounts that feel valuable and urgent. Here's how:

- Unique Codes for Every Shopper: Growth Suite automatically generates a unique, one-time discount code for each visitor – no more generic codes that scream "mass marketing."

- True Time Limits: These exclusive discounts are valid only for the duration of the personalized timer. Once the timer runs out, Growth Suite automatically deletes the code, ensuring it can't be misused.

- Combat Discount Fatigue: The same visitor won't see another offer for at least 7 days (you can customize this duration). This creates a sense of scarcity and value, and shoppers know they need to act fast!

Growth Suite's exclusive discounts enhance your brand and boost conversions, because shoppers feel like they're getting a truly special offer – not just another mass-market promotion.

Growth Offers Appear at the Perfect Moments on Shopify

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