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Everything you need for a successful urgency creation on your store.

Segmentation & Behaviral Analytics

What makes you super powerful.

If you had a chance to watch your users' behavior in your store, you can see that some of your visitors' behaviors are different.

Growth Suite comes with a data-learning machine in the backend. This data-learning machine collects anonymized visitors' behavior and analyzes it.

Thanks to behavioral analysis, it predicts your visitors buying intention. Segmentation based on buying intention is the foundation of Growth Suite.

If a visitor shows low interest in your store, then she will see the highest discount code. If she has a high interest in your products, then she'll see the lowest discount code.

When you use targeting based on traffic source, device type, or user type(new/returning visitor), you will overspend your discount codes. Unfortunately, this results in less profit.

Growth Suite optimizes your discount codes usage for the best profit margin.

This app is amazing. I literally got a sale within 1 hour of downloading Growth Suite to my store. Customer was a new visitor to my store (COLD customer) and made a purchase. Also the customer service was great with helping set up the app on my store. I highly recommend this app.


Smart Timer

Creating urgency needs certain expertise to be successful. If you start to cheat on your customers with false information, then things can easily turn out a disaster.

This is why most of the "185 people looking at this product" or "Someone bought this product 5 minutes ago" type looks fraud and makes things worse for you.

Growth Suite gives you a professional way to create urgency. Our success secret is lying under our smart timer.

Growth Suite timer becomes visible at the best time for each customer based on their behaviors. The timer will appear on all pages of your store. Count down each second.

Our recommended timer starts to count down from 15 minutes. When 15 minutes over it disappears and the same visitor can't see it again in the next 30 days.

This helps you to protect your brand image while creating urgency.

Easy to Use

No need any technical practice.

Growth Suite designed to be easy. There is no need to add, or change codes in your store.

Create your account now.

After installation, you will see recommended settings for your store. Check settings and make changes if you need.

Colors, texts, positions. Everything can be customizable with one click easy editor. Just make the changes you want and click the button. That's it.

All of our plans come with 30 days full refund gurantee. You can test it and see the results for free. You can cancel it anytime you want with just one click.