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Precision Targeting: Reach the Right Shoppers at the Right Moment

Growth Suite's advanced targeting options empower you to create hyper-focused campaigns that maximize conversions and ROI. Deliver personalized offers only to the shoppers most likely to buy - based on their behavior, demographics, and more.

Growth Suite Targeting Options
Device Targeting
Target shoppers specifically on mobile or desktop to present device-specific offers and messaging.
User Type Targeting
Create unique offers for first-time visitors and loyal customers to maximize engagement and conversion at every stage of the customer journey.
Buying Intention Score Targeting
Growth Suite's AI analyzes visitor behavior to assign a buying intent score (1-99). Target your most qualified leads with offers tailored to their level of purchase readiness.
Country Targeting
Target shoppers by country to personalize offers based on their location, currency, and preferences.
Source/Medium Targeting
Target (or exclude) shoppers based on how they arrived at your store (e.g., google, instagram, email) to optimize campaigns and maximize ROI.
Minimum Basket Size
Set a minimum order value for your offers to incentivize shoppers to spend more and increase your average order value.

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