Native-Like Experience | Growth Suite

Personalized Offers That Feel Like a Natural Part of Your Store ✨

Growth Suite seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store, delivering AI-powered offers through elegant, native-like elements.

A Constant Reminder: The Header Timer and Notification ⏳

See that timer ticking away at the top of the screen? That's Growth Suite, subtly reminding your shoppers of their personalized offer – without disrupting their browsing experience.

Growth Suite adds two key elements to your store’s header:

- A Countdown Timer: This dynamic timer displays the time remaining for the shopper's exclusive offer. It looks and feels like a native part of your store's design, blending in seamlessly.

- A Notification Box: When a campaign is activated for a visitor, a new notification appears alongside the timer. This notification provides quick access to all the campaign details, including the discount amount and terms and conditions.

These header elements are always visible, no matter which page a shopper visits on your store.

This means shoppers are constantly reminded of the offer and its time limit, creating a sense of urgency.

Also, They can easily check the offer details at any time, without interrupting their browsing flow.

Product Page: Personalized Deals, Right Where Decisions Are Made

Your product page is prime real estate. It’s where shoppers decide to hit “Buy Now” – or keep on browsing.

Growth Suite helps you seal the deal with a real-time campaign message that appears directly on your product pages. This message:

- Discounted Price: Shows shoppers the discounted price so they don’t have to do any calculations.

- Countdown: Displays a ticking countdown timer, reminding them how much time is left to claim the offer.

Growth Suite seamlessly blends these elements into your product page design, making the offer feel like a natural part of your store.

And you can easily customize all the text, colors, and fonts from your Growth Suite dashboard to perfectly match your brand.

Cart Drawer & Cart Page: Real-Time Savings, Right Where It Matters

Cart drawers and cart pages are where shoppers pause to consider their purchase. Growth Suite helps you nudge them towards "Buy Now" with a real-time campaign message that shows exactly how much they'll save.

This message includes:

- A ticking countdown timer: A visual reminder that the offer won't last forever.

- A personalized headline: Grabs their attention with a compelling reason to buy.

- A clear value proposition: Shows the exact amount they'll save if they complete their order now.

Growth Suite’s message box automatically adapts to your cart page's design to deliver a seamless, native-like experience for your shoppers.

And you can easily customize all the text, colors, and fonts from your Growth Suite dashboard to perfectly match your brand.

Checkout Made Easy: No More Discount Codes

Have you ever tried to copy and paste a discount code on your phone? It's not fun. 😠

Growth Suite eliminates that hassle – and a major source of checkout friction.

Our system automatically applies the personalized discount code to each shopper's cart, so they don't have to remember any codes or fumble with their phone's keyboard.

That’s just one more way Growth Suite makes the shopping experience seamless and enjoyable for your customers.

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