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Visualize Your Customer Journey: The Growth Suite Funnel Report

Where are you losing shoppers? 🤔

Growth Suite’s Funnel Report gives you a clear, visual overview of your customer journey – helping you pinpoint exactly where shoppers are dropping off.

This simple, yet powerful, report shows you:

- Sessions: The total number of visits to your store.

- Product Viewed Sessions: Sessions where shoppers viewed at least one product page, showing you who's actively engaging with your products.

- Products Added to Cart: Sessions where shoppers added at least one product to their cart, revealing buying intent.

- Checkout Began: Sessions where shoppers initiated the checkout process.

- Checkout Completed: Sessions that resulted in a successful purchase.

By visualizing these key steps, you can instantly identify any bottlenecks or drop-off points in your sales funnel.

Growth Offers Appear at the Perfect Moments on Shopify
Growth Offers Appear at the Perfect Moments on Shopify

See Shopper Behavior in Action: Real-Time Visitor Analytics

Want to know what's happening on your store right now?

Growth Suite gives you a live look at your store's visitors, so you can understand their behavior, identify trends, and personalize their experience in real time.

Our Real-Time Visitor Analytics dashboard shows you who's browsing your store at this very moment. And when you click on a visitor, you'll unlock a treasure trove of insights:

- First & Last Seen: When they first arrived and when they were last active.

- Session & Event Counts: How many times they've visited and how engaged they are.

- Location: Where they are browsing from (country and city).

- Pageviews: Total pages viewed and specific product pages explored.

- Key Actions: How many times they've added to cart, started checkout, and completed a purchase.

- Visited Products & Cart Events: See the exact products they've viewed and added to their cart.

- Session History: Track their source/medium, device, location, and time of each visit.

Growth Suite's Real-Time Visitor Analytics gives you an unprecedented level of understanding into your shoppers' behavior, empowering you to create a truly personalized experience that converts.

Custom Reports: Your Data, Your Way

Need answers to your specific questions?

Growth Suite’s Custom Reports feature empowers you to go beyond pre-built reports and create dynamic reports tailored to your unique needs.

Mix and match dimensions and metrics to uncover hidden patterns and opportunities:

- Dimensions: Slice and dice your data by country, source, medium, campaign, landing page, operating system, device, city, and more.

- Metrics: Track key performance indicators like:

Total Sessions: Understand overall traffic patterns.

Add to Cart Sessions: Identify shoppers with buying intent.

Checkout Starts: See how many shoppers enter the checkout process.

Checkout Completions: Track your conversion rate and identify potential bottlenecks.

Growth Suite’s Custom Reports help you analyze specific customer segments to understand their unique behavior, so you can tailor your marketing for better results. Track the performance of your campaigns, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions – all based on insights perfectly aligned with your store’s goals.

Growth Offers Appear at the Perfect Moments on Shopify

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