Growth Masters Interview Thom Knepper

Thom Knepper

Prepare for an enlightening conversation with the growth master, Thom Knepper, as we dive deep into the world of business expansion, strategy, and success.

1. Can you provide some insight into your background and how you became involved in ecommerce growth?

My origin is actually not in e-commerce and marketing at all as I started in logistics and shipping/sailing. However in the last couple of years I've started my journey in e-commerce. From building the e-commerce website for my day-to-day job to starting my own agency to help brands and startups grow. I’ve learned everything I know by simply doing as well as working though courses online and talking to experts in this field.

2. What sparked your interest in helping ecommerce brands achieve significant growth, and what drives your passion in this area?

The feeling of seeing visitors on a site growing and getting those Shopify "cha-ching" sounds on your phone when orders come as well as the smile on the face of your customers is one of the best feelings out there.

3. Could you share a standout success story where your strategies led to remarkable growth for an ecommerce brand?

I’ve had the pleasure to launch a brand new company/brand in the last couple of weeks that is all about getting members rather than selling the most products. Seeing the first couple of memberships coming in within the first couple of weeks after the launch on an extremely tight budget is really nice.

4. In your opinion, what are the key factors that differentiate successful ecommerce growth strategies from those that fall short?

In my option a company should really understand who their actual users are. A lot of times companies have their dream user but forget about the user that is actually willing and buying their product. Once they focus more on their actual users you will see automatically start seeing groth.

5. Can you discuss the role of data analytics and insights in shaping effective growth strategies for ecommerce brands?

Data is super important in a lot of decisions made. Of course some of the decisions are because of brand reasons and don’t involve data, but improving sales and getting a better conversion rate is always about data. I find that especially with customers that are brand new to these numbers it is important to explain to them what they actually mean.

6. What are some common misconceptions about ecommerce brand growth that you've encountered, and how do you address them?

That traffic means growth. Yes you need traffic on your website, but if the user will not find what they are promised or looking they will go away as fast as they came. Work with your client to explain the numbers and how to optimise pages and funnels.

7. How do you navigate the balance between short-term revenue boosts and sustainable, long-term growth for ecommerce brands?

Working with brands that already have sustainability as one of their goals is great as this aligns with how I think you should build a brand. Make a great product people want/need now and make it good enough that people want more but also ensure that for example customer service for your customers is done super well. Try to optimise their internal flows to make sure they tick all the necessary boxes.

8. When working with ecommerce brands, how do you tailor your approach to accommodate different industries, like fashion, jewellery or self-care?

I always try to work with my client to see what their needs are, and after that I try to do some research and understand their market. I do try to stay within a handful of industries so that I can optimise my expertise and if I do not have the expertise in house I will work with other great people who will have that knowledge.

9. What's your perspective on the interplay between user experience and ecommerce growth, and how do you optimize both?

I think that they go hand in hand, if the user experience both buying the product as well as using the product is great, the most important part of marketing will happen, the mouth on mouth marketing. Optimising the website but also their aftersales/customer care is vital for growth.

10. How do you stay ahead of evolving digital marketing trends and algorithms to ensure continuous growth for your clients?

Because I actually love everything that has to do with new tech and digital marketing, I will keep myself updated by reading articles on X, LinkedIn and other platforms.

11. Can you discuss the significance of customer feedback and insights in shaping successful ecommerce growth initiatives?

Customer feedback is vital to a good way of working. I always tell my customers that if there is something up, just tell me straight up. People like me who are from The Netherlands are mostly quite direct, therefore I like direct and honest communication to fix any problem as soon as possible. In the end it is our joined goal to make their brand grow.

12. Finally, what advice would you offer to ecommerce brands looking to embark on a journey of significant growth and expansion?

The journey will most likely be long and harder than expected and work based on the data you gather. Most of all, do not forget to have fun in these projects!

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