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“I got a sale the first day I installed it! It works great! Dashboard is easy to use and the developer has been great with answering any questions that arise!”

The BA
Hey there! 👋 It's Emily, the proud owner of this shop. As a special thank you for stopping by, I'm offering you a little gift for you 🎁 15% OFF. Join us, it fades in 15:00
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Don't Miss Out on Making a Great First Impression

Ever heard the saying? A poor first impression can stick around. But you've got the power to change that!

Popups? Not our style. And we bet you're not a fan either – especially on your mobile. So why risk spoiling that awesome first peek?

Enter Growth Suite: Your virtual welcome mat. Just like a high-end, premium physical store – warm, personal, and oh-so-inviting. Boost conversions and shine up your brand image - it's all here!

Welcome Gift 🎁

Ever seen how new visitors drop by, check things out, but often leave without buying? It's not that they don't like your stuff – life just gets in the way. They think, 'I'll do it later,' and you know how that goes.

We're all guilty of it – if it's not urgent, it slips away.

But here's the kicker: why let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers? That's where a time-limited offer comes in. It adds that touch of urgency without feeling forced, giving them a real reason to explore your products right now.

And come on, let's be honest – 'WELCOME10' doesn't really say 'welcome' when it's always waiting there. We all know we'll use it when we remember.

Shopify Welcome Gift
Shopify Trust For New Visitors

Building Trust: One Offer per Guest

Trust and honesty are like best friends. With Growth Suite, you're all about creating that genuine, one-on-one bond with your customers.

Here's where we stand out: Our welcome gift shows up just once. No reruns, no do-overs, even if other welcome popups love to replay the same tune.

Discounts That Apply Themselves

Imagine this: Discounts just land in your visitors' carts, like magic. No copying, pasting, email hunts, or uh-oh moments. Growth Suite applies discount codes directly to their carts.

Remember when we talked about shopping in person? Well, here it is – how it's meant to be.

Shopify Auto Discount Welcoming New Visitors
Shopify Custom Discount For Each Visitor

Custom Codes for Each Visitor. No Leak.

Growth Suite does things differently. It crafts special, one-of-a-kind discounts for every visitor. These offers are unique, only work once, and disappear after the timer runs out. No worries about leaks. Each visitor gets their own unique discount. Cool, right?

Catch It Once, Remember Forever

Easy peasy! Once a visitor gives their email to Growth Suite, it's locked in – forever. No more bugging for emails, whether they're chatting, quizzing, or whatever. Think of it like a store visit – smooth and simple, every time.

Shopify Auto Discount Welcoming New Visitors

Super Simple.

No Code, No Theme Change.

Just install Growth Suite, upload your picture, tweak your texts, and voila! The digital revolution of your store has begun. No hoops, no hurdles.

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