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Your Customers.
Your Ambassadors.

Turn your loyal customers into powerful brand ambassadors. Let them spread the word about your store and products to their friends and family, and in return, reward them with special incentives.

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β€œI got a sale the first day I installed it! It works great! Dashboard is easy to use and the developer has been great with answering any questions that arise!”

β€” The BA

Spread Love, Enjoy Perks! 🎁

Unlock big savings for your bestie! πŸ›οΈ Share the love and they'll score an amazing 25% discount 🌟 Plus, you get a thank you gift too – enjoy 10% off when they make a purchase! It's a win-win for besties! πŸ’–

Your Customers, Your Powerhouse.

Guess what? Many people tend to buy from the same brands as their friends.

So, when you're searching for fresh ways to reach potential customers, ever thought about harnessing the power of your current ones?

Your existing customers can be your ticket to finding new ones if you do it right. With Growth Suite's referral loop feature, you can tap into your loyal customers to connect with brand-new faces. It's like turning customers into your personal advocates!

Super Link

Once your customers log in, they'll discover a world of rewards through their personal Super Link. This link is their gateway to your store, brimming with perks for friends they invite. It's easy as pieβ€”just copy and paste the link wherever they like to share the goodness.

We've made spreading the word a breeze with one-click buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. A couple of clicks, and they transform from customers to ambassadors, ushering in new visitors armed with a 'Bestie Discount' warm welcome.

Shopify Reward Referral Link
Shopify Referral Widget

Red Carpet

When they click the link, they're welcomed with a red carpet. Growth Suite asks for their email and activates their friend's discount, giving them a special treat for their first purchase.

It all happens automatically, no code or complex referral loops required.

Auto Rewarding

When your customers' friends make their first purchase, your customers will automatically receive their reward discount. No need for cookies or complicated processes, it all happens seamlessly.

Shopify Discount For Referral

Super Simple.

No Code, No Theme Change.

Just install Growth Suite, upload your picture, tweak your texts, and voila! The digital revolution of your store has begun. No hoops, no hurdles.

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