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Maximize Each Cart.

Each shopper has their own pace. Our analytics identify those ready for buying multiple items, and we suggest cross-sell deals that feel like thoughtful recommendations. No push, just friendly suggestions.

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“I got a sale the first day I installed it! It works great! Dashboard is easy to use and the developer has been great with answering any questions that arise!”

— The BA

Match Made in Savings Heaven! 🌟

Welcome to our 'Perfect Pairs' offer! We've handpicked the best items for you to add alongside your first pick, with a sweet 10% discount as a cherry on top. It's our way of making shopping even more delightful! 🎈

Don't miss out on cross-sell opportunities.

We've all been put off by pushy cross-sell attempts. They can make the shopping experience feel forced and overwhelming.

But what if cross-selling happened when we were already planning to buy multiple items? That's where the magic lies. Imagine a high-end store where the sales assistant only steps in with suggestions that truly enhance your shopping journey.

With Growth Suite, you're doing just that. Our system carefully studies each visitor's actions and offers friendly product recommendations with sweet discounts.

Unlock the Perfect Moment

Boosting your average order value is a key goal for Shopify businesses. It's the path to growing your revenue and expanding your brand's footprint.

But let's be honest, not every customer is up for buying multiple items, right?

With Growth Suite, we take the guesswork out of it. Our system studies your customers' actions and pinpoints the perfect time to suggest cross-sell items. Only those primed for a second purchase will see these offers.

Shopify Cross Sell Offer
Shopify Trust For New Visitors

Tailored Recommendations

Every customer has unique tastes, often revealed through their actions.

Growth Suite analyze each visitor's behavior to craft cross-sell offers tailored to their preferences.

Discounts That Apply Themselves

Picture this: your visitor clicks on our offer, and voilà! The product's in their cart, and the discount's automatically applied, just for that second item. No copying, pasting, or fuss.

Each visitor gets their unique discount, and it only kicks in when they buy two items together. It's a win-win for you and your customers.

Shopify Auto Discount Welcoming New Visitors

Super Simple.

No Code, No Theme Change.

Just install Growth Suite, upload your picture, tweak your texts, and voila! The digital revolution of your store has begun. No hoops, no hurdles.

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