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Ultimate Shopify Email List Building Guide

You'll learn a new strategy to collect emails on your Shopify store.

Used by 300+ Shopify store. Increased email collection more than 13%.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Most of your website traffic leaves the store without buying anything.

Email building is your only chance to win back these audience.

While email capturing is crucial for your digital marketing efforts, most common practices;

  • showing a popup when visitor just land the store or
  • trying to get emails when a visitor leaves the store.

Most of your website visitors uses mobile phones to check out your store and they hate popups... We share all details here.

Behavior Driven Email Collection

You don't have to disrupt your visitors in order to collect emails.

Growth Suite Shopify App, makes it super easy to collect emails and increase your conversions at the same time.

Shopify Email List Building Example

Now imagine that you;

  • analyze each visitors behavior,
  • show them a timer when they are most interested in your products,
  • give them a discount code,
  • ask for their email address to get the code.

While doing all of these, you ALSO,

  • give highest discount for low interested customers,
  • give lowest discount for high interested customers,
  • put timer on all pages of your store and update each second,
  • don't show the timer for the same visitor in the next 30 days.

And doing all of these without dealing with codes, themes, etc. Just installing one app.

Pretty cool, right?

This is how 300+ store increased their email collection conversions.

But how? What is wrong with the popups?

When you use popups, your customer know that they can give their email address later and get the code.

Think yourself, if you don't need something urgently, you can put off buying for later.

This is why your customers leaves the store without buying anything.

Create Urgency, Capture More Emails

Creating urgency is a proven strategy.

Trick is creating urgency without being scammy.

Growth Suite Shopify app helps you to create urgency in a proper way.

Super Easy to Use

Designed for non-technical founders and marketers.

Install the app, choose your colors, and that's it!

No code change. Ready to use in 3 minutes.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our founder directly.

How can I use it?
It is super easy. Just install the app, choose your colors, messages and discount amounts. That's it. You don't need to add or change any code on your store. Average time to complete setup is under 3 minutes.
I don't use Google Analytics. Can I use it?
Sure. Growth Suite has it's own data-learning algorithms. Just use Google Analytics data to learn faster. If you don't use Google Analytics, you can skip the Analytics Integration with just one click.
I have issues with Page Speed. I don't want to install anything on my store.
Page speed is crucial for digital marketing and we know it very well. Because of this from the first day we follow all the best practices. Growth Suite doesn't affect your page speed at all.
Can I cancel it?
Anytime you want. You can cancel your subscription with just one click. Also, we offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee...
I will think about it.
Sure. Just don't forget that based on the daily 1000 sessions, you're missing 3-5 sales each day without Growth Suite. It takes 3 minutes to complete all setup, and you'll test it.

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