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Golden Gilt Growth Suite Case Study

Golden Gilt is a New Jersey-based company established in 2013, renowned for its high-quality plated jewelry that captures the essence of street, urban, and hip hop cultures. Despite the popularity of their bold and stylish designs, Golden Gilt faced a significant challenge: a high volume of window shoppers who admired their products but delayed purchasing decisions.

To tackle this issue and enhance conversion rates, Golden Gilt decided to implement Growth Suite. This strategic move was aimed at converting window shoppers into happy, paying customers by leveraging advanced AI technology to personalize offers and optimize the shopping experience. This case study details how Growth Suite enabled Golden Gilt to increase sales effectively while maintaining the integrity and appeal of their brand.

Harness the Power of Real-Time Engagement with Growth Suite

At the heart of Growth Suite’s innovative approach lies our cutting-edge AI technology, meticulously designed to analyze visitor behavior in real-time. This powerful analysis allows us to pinpoint the exact moment a potential buyer shows peak interest in your products.

When this key moment is detected, Growth Suite springs into action, presenting a tailored, time-sensitive offer to the visitor through an attractive and intuitive popup. This isn’t just any offer, but a special promotion that matches the visitor’s unique level of interest and buying intention. Whether it's a modest discount for a hesitant browser or a more substantial deal for an engaged shopper, each offer is crafted to maximize the likelihood of conversion.

Seize the Moment with Exclusive Savings

Experience a seamless shopping journey with Growth Suite’s native display box, prominently featured on our product detail pages. This feature revolutionizes how special offers are presented, ensuring you can make quick and informed purchasing decisions:

Straightforward Savings: No need for mental math or guessing games; the discounted price is clearly displayed. See exactly what you pay and how much you save, instantly.

Urgent Opportunity: Each offer is coupled with a visible countdown timer, emphasizing that these deals are time-sensitive. Act fast – once the timer runs out, so does your chance to save.

Streamlined Checkout with Personalized Discounts

Growth Suite elevates your checkout experience by integrating unique, personal discount codes tailored for each visitors:

Personalized Discount Codes: Each offer generates a unique discount code, ensuring that the savings are exclusive to your shopping session. These codes are designed for single use, preventing misuse and ensuring that special offers remain just that—special.

Automatic Code Application:Say goodbye to the hassle of copying and pasting discount codes, especially on mobile devices where it can be cumbersome. Growth Suite automatically applies your discount as you proceed to checkout, ensuring a smooth and error-free process.

Golden Gilt faced a common challenge among luxury retailers: attracting many window shoppers who admired products but often delayed purchasing decisions. To address this, Growth Suite was integrated seamlessly into Golden Gilt's Shopify store, offering a native solution that enhanced the customer journey without compromising the brand’s esteemed image.

Our AI-driven solution tailored personalized offers in real-time, tapping into customer behavior and peak interest moments to convert hesitations into sales. This customer journey-focused approach ensured that Golden Gilt touched potential buyers at multiple points, from initial interest to the final checkout, with strategically timed messages and discounts.

The results were clear: 4.9% increase in conversion rates. Customers received offers that felt bespoke and urgent, compelling them to act swiftly and decisively. This not only preserved but elevated the customer experience, reinforcing Golden Gilt's reputation for excellence and attentiveness.

“Growth Suite is a great app. I made a lot of money using the sales techniques from the app. Best of all, when I have a question Mohammed is very fast with the replies. This means the world as a small business to have a reliable partner like that. Highly recommend the app.”