Gelin Diamond Case Study | Growth Suite

Gelin Diamond Growth Suite Case Study

Gelin Diamond is an online jewelry store based on 78 John Miller Way Suite 1015, Kearny.

Branding plays a huge role in online jewelry.

Gelin Diamond's website, social media profiles and all marketing content has high quality standarts.

Growth Suite helps Gelin Diamond's to give time-limited discounts for their visitors.

Time Limited Offers

Gelin Diamond uses the Growth Suite to offer time-limited discounts to its customers.

Best Offers

Thanks to Growth Suite segmentation, Gelin Diamond gives best offer for each customers.


Unlike popups, Growth Suite timer doesn't appear again and again. It protects your brand image.

Gelin Diamond Growth Suite Case Study

“I have been using this app on my store since 20th March 2021. So far I LOVE it. Before using this app, I use popups to give discount codes. I try it for a week and saw how the timer affects my conversion rate. Now I'm using this app in my other stores. Easy to use and it increases your conversion rates.”

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