How to Create Urgency for Your Customers?

How to Create Urgency for Your Customers?

Creating urgency is a proven strategy. In this guide you'll learn how to create urgency easily in your Shopify store.

Creating urgency is a proven strategy to get more sales. It directly affects your customers' buying decisions. This is why big corps spend $$$ for urgency creation.

However, when you try something like “Left 1 stock only” or “38 people looking at this product” type of urgency, they generally don’t help you to get more sales.

We analyzed successful urgency creation projects and each of them has three important components.

1. Right Motivation: Urgency should be directly related to your customer’s buying motivation. Let’s look at example. They showed how many people are looking at the same room as you. This is great motivation to hurry up when you’re looking at a room for your holiday. However, when you’re considering a dress or book, it doesn’t make any sense.

2. Right Message: G2 shared their research with customers and 87% of participants said they HATE pop-ups. Let’s face it. People hate pop-ups, we all hate it. They close them as soon as it appears. This is why “Subscribe now get 10% OFF” sounds like a lie. If you’re using this kind of campaign in your store, please just check how many times your discount code is used. Most customers don’t use it when they are buying from you! Shocking but it is a fact.

3. Right Time: Well, let’s think of this as offline shopping. There is a new store in your neighborhood and you just want to check out. Whenever you enter the store, the salesman said there is a 10% discount. You don't even think to buy anything!!!

Discounts can be great campaigns to get traffic to your store but giving discounts directly without any context doesn’t create urgency. It creates dishonesty about your pricing policy and brand image.

What Should You Do?

Growth Suite is designed to help you with urgency creation with time-limited discount codes. How?

Growth Suite analyzes each of your customers' behavior. Thanks to behavioral analysis Growth Suite;

1. Segment your customers based on their buying intentions. Customers who show low interest in your products are labeled as “Cold Visitors”, customers who show high interest in your products are labeled as “Hot Visitors”. Well as you can imagine cold visitors will get the highest discount codes like 15% OFF, hot visitors will get the lowest discount code like 7% OFF.

2. The behavioral analysis also makes it possible to give discount offers at the BEST TIME for each customer. It doesn’t give an offer whenever you visit the store. It waits to find the best moment for the customer. Shows the discount offer when your customers are most interested.

As you can imagine it needs to do more than that.

Well, you’re right.

When Growth Suite offers a promotion, a 15 minutes timer starts to count down.

Timer will appear all pages of your store.

After 15 minutes, the timer and discount offer disappear and the same visitor can’t see it until the next 30 days.

This is what needs to be done for a successful urgency creation campaign.

Is that all? Nope.

After more than a hundred A/B tests, Growth Suite comes with a great user experience both for you and your customers.

Timer and discount details are easy to understand, use and customize. You can change colors, messages, and positions just by changing the settings on your panel.

Last but not least, you can do all of these without changing your codes or themes. Just install our public app from the Shopify app store, make settings on our panel and that’s it.

Creating urgency with Growth Suite’s time-limited discount offers helps 300+ Shopify stores.