Solved: High Traffic, Low Sales

Solved: High Traffic, Low Sales

High traffic, low sales is a serious problem for many e-commerce brands. In this guide we shared our strategies that currently used by 300+ Shopify stores.

Let’s start with the problem. Create an awesome store, start your ad campaigns, and finally, your store starts to get traffic. While these are exciting news, you realize that most of the traffic just visits a few pages and leaves your store.

I have talked to more than five thousand Shopify store owners like you and almost all of them have this issue. I know this is an issue that wakes you up all night. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to this.

When you search about this problem there are a few common recommendations.

1. Optimize your campaigns, creatives, etc: Optimizing your campaigns is a great way to lower your cost but it is irrelevant to your store conversions. People are visiting your store, they just aren't convinced to buy yet.

2. Optimizing product pages: As I mentioned before, I talked with 5,000+ Shopify stores. Most of them have GREAT product pages and they still have this problem. If your product images and descriptions are okay, then this should be an issue. Don’t try to over-optimize your product pages. Even if you spend weeks and $$$ it doesn’t make much sense.

3. Offer customer support: It is important that your customers can reach you when they have a problem. However, even if you use live chat on your store, you’ll see that most of your traffic doesn't interact with it. You should offer great customer support, maybe even live chat but this doesn’t solve the low sales problem alone.

4. Free shipping: This is another recommendation for the low sales problem. Lower prices and free shipping are what we all want but does your traffic leave your store because of prices or they just don’t feel like buying right away? Our interviews with owners showed that free shipping only makes your existing customers happier but doesn’t let you get new customers.

I bet you already tried at least one of them and it didn’t solve your problem.

Since this is a fundamental issue, you need to diagnose the problem first then you can start treatment.

Well, let’s think about this as an offline store. There is foot traffic to your store. People are coming to your store and checking your products, asking prices, etc. Then they just leave without buying.


Because they don’t think to buy it NOW.
They just postpone the buying decision. That's it!

Our research with 10M+ visitors from hundreds of stores showed us;

78% of visitors visit your stores via mobile phones. Means it is so easy for them to be distracted.

69% of visitors visit stores in their leisure time.

They like brands, products, and prices. They just don’t feel any pressure to buy NOW. They leave the buying decision for later and then forget it. That’s it.

Solution: Creating Urgency

You need to convince them to buy NOW not later. In other words, you need to create URGENCY to move them right away.

Growth Suite is an online tool to solve this problem. 300+ Shopify stores are using it to get more sales from their traffic. Most of them got their first sales after a few hours.

Growth Suite is an online tool to solve this problem. 300+ Shopify stores are using it to get more sales from their traffic. Most of them got their first sales after a few hours.

How does it work?

It analyzes each of your visitors and segments them based on their behavior.

Cold visitors are the customers who probably leave your store without buying anything.

Hot visitors are the customers who probably buy something from your store.

It gives discount codes with a 15 minutes timer at the BEST TIME for each visitor. Cold visitors got the biggest discount like 15% and hot visitors got the lowest discount like 7%.

The timer appears on all the pages of your store and counts down each second.

After 15 minutes, the discount widget disappears and the same visitor can’t see it again until the next 30 days.

This is one of the great ways to create urgency in your visitor while being credible and protecting your brand image.