Conversion Masters Interview Stefan Momcilovic

Stefan Momcilovic

Buckle up for a delightful discussion with the master of conversions, Stefan Momcilovic.

1. Can you share a bit about your background and how you became a conversion people?

In 2021 I started working for one company that got me to the whole eCommerce ecosystem In Shopify and how It works, I was a full-stack developer back then working on various PHP Core/Laravel projects when I started learning about Shopify Liquid how It works, etc… And while developing my skills working on customizations for Shopify themes and development of the apps. I started thinking about why people buy these kinds of products In the first place. What makes them buy? And while researching that aspect as a web developer I found out that there Is a field called conversion rate optimization that only focuses on what makes customers buy, what are the emotions of customers for some stores, and I started learning about customer psychology and I saw there Is a lot of testing going on with CRO, that the CRO Experts makes the decisions based on data they have from the store, yea everyone knows about Google Analytics but does someone pay so much attention to it? That’s where I found out CRO Expert Analysis spent most of their time and also tools like Hot Jar, Microsoft Clarity, mouse flow, etc… And now even today I non stop learning about different tests that other CRO Experts did, and what their goal. And that’s my story behind how I got Into CRO. Curiosity and learning.

2. What inspired you to focus on helping businesses improve their conversion rates?

I didn’t find myself to be only a web developer, I always wanted something more. I found myself In CRO and with great colleagues that I follow there Is Inspiration everywhere. To help a client grow their store to see what's possible to achieve.

3. In your opinion, what are the most common mistakes businesses make that reduce their conversion rates?

Great question, nowadays I see more and more stores not following the trends. They only have one landing page that they use from the store to start not changing anything and not trying to test something new, just changing a few titles and images on whatever holiday or discount going on in their store. Not giving the customers what they are looking for, when they first click on that Advertisement or Organic Search. Nowadays UGC videos are blowing up and I don’t some of the brands that care about or show UGC videos in their customer testimonials.

4. What role do data analytics and Google Analytics play in your conversion optimization process?

One of the most important roles are data analytics and Google Analytics, understanding where the customer's most drop-offs are why they are happening, where the most traffic is coming from, and what areas need improvement and testing.

5. What strategies or tactics do you find most effective in increasing website conversions?

Do not overcomplicate your store, If your mum can find a way to purchase something on your store, that’s ++ and LTV of the customers Is one of the key metrics, how often do your customers come back to your store to purchase more? What we can do about that?

6. What advice would you give to businesses looking to improve their email collection strategies without being intrusive?

My question Is why someone should sign up for your email newsletter. None will sign up If you don’t provide some part of what they want.

Let’s give an example:

That Growth Suite wants to collect emails so the marketing team can, later on, promote the app through mail to potential app users/buyers. How they can start? Not just simply adding one form to their website that will collect emails. But by running Ads, and organic search, articles mentioned that Growth Suite will provide the first 250 users who sign up to email a free store audit of what users can Improve In their store to generate more sales. And there will be a countdown of spots left. Later on, users who sign up for an email newsletter at Growth Suite will get CRO tests from experts and Inspiration that they can test on their store to generate more conversions or get 1 call with a CRO expert.

Simpler answer: By providing specific values for targeted groups of users why they should take action.

7. How do you view the significance of customer surveys in the context of conversion optimization, and how do you use them?

Receiving feedback from the community Is Important, and engaging with the community. But how much you will generate honest and truthful answers from those surveys Is a question. Can you rely on the data that the community provides you? I’m always skeptical about that but we are here to gather as much data as we can and later on, segment them and see what we can test. I’m more interested In negative answers than positive ones.

8. How do you balance between collecting emails and not overwhelming visitors with too many pop-ups?

Collecting emails is Important, but most of the time I saw many stores pop up immediately when I joined the store without seeing what they were selling. My opinion for that Is not showing pop-ups immediately on the store, but taking 20-30s time for users to inform more about your store and products that your store is selling so then we can offer them a small discount If they want to proceed further and decide to buy.

9. Could you describe a particularly challenging conversion optimization project you've worked on and the results you achieved?

My toughest conversion optimization project let me gather all of them In one word preparing everything, data analysis, hypothesis, solutions, and designs, finding inconsistencies In data, and trying to fix them. I did that for Regent-Row we fixed above the fold In product pages and achieved +1000% add to cart.

10. Finally, what advice would you offer to online stores that are seeking to enhance their conversion rates and overall performance, especially from the perspective of someone who has extensive experience in conversion optimization?

Listen to what people say about your store, try to follow trends, and for seek experts to help you out, the conversion rate optimization Is a long term game, It’s not short term gain like with ads. Track your data! Little promotion to myself check my website and see how I helped many of my clients, seek solutions and you will find it!

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