Conversion Masters Interview Julian Samarjiev

Julian Samarjiev

Buckle up for a delightful discussion with the master of conversions, Julian Samarjiev.

1. Can you share a bit about your background and how you became a conversion people?

I was a Shopify developer for 6 years, developing and maintaining themes.

By accident, I stumbled upon a CRO project that needed my dev work and I saw that a feature that took me 2 hours to develop increased monthly revenue by $56K for the brand.

After that there was no looking back, I realized that my time per impact investment in CRO is much much higer, it's also more challenging and interesting for me to work directly with businesses owners, understand their business and help them optimize it.

2. What inspired you to focus on helping businesses improve their conversion rates?

The direct and measurable impact I can have on a businesses bottom line.

I can also also leverage all my previous ecom, as well as development knowledge to be even better at CRO.

3. In your opinion, what are the most common mistakes businesses make that reduce their conversion rates?

Not being clear about what they sell and who they sell it to.

That, plus a confusing UI :)

4. What role do data analytics and Google Analytics play in your conversion optimization process?

Analytics and research (such as surveys, heatmaps etc.) are a vital aspect of optimizing a website.

The first step should always be to crystalize who your audience is and then think of how to best serve them.

5. What strategies or tactics do you find most effective in increasing website conversions?

It's hard to guess what will have a positive impact, there's only way of doing it, LOTS of research and then LOTS of testing.

6. What advice would you give to businesses looking to improve their email collection strategies without being intrusive?

The email collection popup should be smart, clean and have a very nice incentive for users to sign up.

Can be a discount, exclusive item, or a contest for a prize.

7. How do you view the significance of customer surveys in the context of conversion optimization, and how do you use them?

Few ways of using them:
1. Thank you page surveys
2. Email all customers within the last 90 days
3. Automated email that gets sent out 45 days after an order has been placed.

8. How do you balance between collecting emails and not overwhelming visitors with too many pop-ups?

Just have one popup (can be on exit intent), make it the best it could possibly be and if a user closes it, don't show it ever again.

*Optional is to have a UI somewhere in the corner of the screen that opens it if wanted.

9. Could you describe a particularly challenging conversion optimization project you've worked on and the results you achieved?

I increased revenue per user by 13% for a physical injury equipment brand. Explained details on CXL blog.

10. Finally, what advice would you offer to online stores that are seeking to enhance their conversion rates and overall performance, especially from the perspective of someone who has extensive experience in conversion optimization?

Start by understanding your audience (surveys, calls, emails, chats etc.), you can follow tha with a heatmap analysis to get a nice overall picture of who your target is and how they are using your website.

From there, start theorising tests, you can start small, and just start testing.

There's nothing to it, but to do it.

Only by starting to test, you'd be ahead of 99% of ecom stores, very few do.

We also do FREE consultations, feel free to book a slot and we'd be excited to learn more about your businesses and give you ideas on how you can optimize it.

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