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1. Can you introduce yourself and

My name is Emmeli. I live with my three dogs and family partly in Sweden right outside Stockholm city, and partly in Marbella Spain. We spend a lot of time on the road in between the countries as I always drive with them. (I am to fuzzy to fly them in cargo) I have had the company My cavalier for a few years and we are about to release a new design, stay tuned... :)

2. How was born? How did you start?

The idea of starting up the brand "My Cavalier" was born from the love to my dogs. I have been looking for a durable harness that is both comfortable, safe and stylish. My dogs are with me everywhere and this harness is designed to give them the high comfort that I want them to have in any situation. Dogs are such amazing creatures and truly deserves what's best for them.

3. What makes different? Can you explain your products with details?

My Cavalier is an ergonomically and elegantly designed harness with soft padding of neoprene for the best possible comfort. The adjustable straps makes it both stable, comfortable and safe. It is very easy to take on and off and gives your dog complete freedom of movement. With the stylish star-shaped reflectors around the whole harness, your dog is as trendy as safe, around the clock. A stylish look and a safe choice, for a fast-paced and adventurous everyday life with high tail carriage.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

So happy that I found this harness! As a long time water sport enthusiast I was very excited to find a harness made out of neoprene. The fit is perfect, no pinching or rubbing pressure points - just an overall comfortable tailored fit. I love the safety features of the double lead connection rings and reflective stars. Truly a great harness that takes us from daily walks to adventurous play. Thank you MyCavalier! ~ Gaye, USA "The stars are so cute! We just took them for a walk as it was getting dark and they were luminous!" ~ Blenheim cavs, Dubai "Äntligen har jag hittat en sele som passar min spralliga cockerpoo! Hon kliver i den hur enkelt som helst, älskar att hon slipper ha något draget över huvudet, dessutom är den mjuk och skön!" ~ Lisa, Stockholm

5. What are the advantages of

We know you want to give your dog the very best - without having to compromise with either comfort, safety or design. That is why we have created a soft harness of the highest quality, with the right look and perfect fit. All in all, the harness we ourselves have always been looking for.

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