1. Can you introduce yourself and awesomesoaps.co.nz?

Awesome Soaps is a gorgeous and innovative small business based in Auckland, New Zealand, and a unique maker of Eye 'catching' Soaps. I'm a self-taught Soap artist, and as a former Pastry Chef, I have transferred my skills into soap making, and I have developed my own techniques focused on adding a massive recognition value. I make Eye Soaps and Soap Art (Original Artwork, Art Prints and NFTs).

2. How was awesomesoaps.co.nz born? How did you start?

I officially started in February 2020 making Gemstone Soaps and selling them in Craft Markets, where I tremendously failed. As I studied Business Innovation, I put my knowledge and love for creativity and innovation into practice, and I found out that all handmade soaps were all pretty the same, so I decided to start experimenting. I developed the Eye Soaps in November 2020, and I also started turning work from talented artists into soap art, which allowed me to open to a new and unknown world full of opportunities. Nowadays, I'm creating Original Soap Art (NFTs included), and my Eye Soaps are 'catching' the attention of the U.S market. During 2020 and 2021, I had three jobs to keep my business alive, and I'm currently working part-time as a housekeeper contractor (self-employed) to still keep supporting the business.

3. What makes awesomesoaps.co.nz different? Can you explain your products with details?

The Eye Soaps are a powerful promotional tool for Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Eye Doctors, Eyewear businesses, and the Optical Industry to educate patients and consumers about eye and vision health. These soaps have an image of ‘eye’ inside that disappears as the soap is used and are handmade with a beautiful and premium New Zealand-made soap base that has excellent lathering properties.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

Our corporate customers love them because they are a fun way to educate people about eye health while promoting brand awareness. In addition, we provide excellent customer service, helping us build strong business relationships and reach new customers.

5. What are the advantages of awesomesoaps.co.nz?

Our Eye Soaps are an awesome gift idea that perfectly fits promotional and corporate events, marketing campaigns, advertising, souvenirs for customers and staff, and brand awareness. They help Eye Health companies to reach new potential clients and patients, grow their brand, show appreciation for their clients and patients, and spread awareness about important eye health issues.

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