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A Turtles Garden Interview

A Turtles Garden is one of the most exciting new stores in Shopify. At Growth Suite team, we contacted A Turtles Garden team to learn more about their journey for this great store. You'll learn their amazing story and vision. Before going to our interview questions we firstly want to thank A Turtles Garden for this great interview.

1. Can you introduce yourself and A Turtles Garden?

Hi! My name is Claudia, I hold a B.A. in Sociology, I graduated from King's University College at Western. A Turtle's Garden began as a hobby and a passion for learning about different cultures through plants. A love, an interest, and a fascination that plants can connect us to different civilizations around the world.

2. How was A Turtles Garden born? How did you start?

A plant journey that began as a hobby and later transformed into a business adventure. During the early days of the pandemic, I created an account about my hobby, plant care, and propagation tips on Instagram. Followers grew and with it their interest in purchasing our plants. In October 2020, A Turtle's Garden became a small business. We are currently operating from home. All sales are done through our website or our Instagram account.

3. What makes A Turtles Garden different? Can you explain your products with details?

At A Turtle's Garden, you will find education for plant care and a curated selection of plants and plant accessories. Our selection of indoor plants will inspire your botanical environment. Our goal is to assist through the process of plant selection and plant care. Most of all, we seek to inspire confidence in new plant parents.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

Our customers are fantastic!! I see kindness, gratitude, and a sense of community in each of them. We receive positive feedback from them, as they engage in our posts. This is exactly the type of community I hoped to foster when opening my small business, one full of kindness and warmth. I feel truly blessed and grateful for all the love and support we receive each day from our "Turtle Nation"

5. What are the advantages of A Turtles Garden?

A Turtle's Garden is a community where plant magic comes to life! Our mission is to encourage creativity with our curated selection of plants and plant accessories, to inspire your botanical environment.

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